Welcome to Armor Shield Roofing


Armor Shield Roofing is a housing maintenance company that services Denton, TX and the greater Dallas area. We are a company that is founded upon the values of excellent repair and quality of work, because we know that the people who hire us do so for the best possible work they can have done for them. Texas is a state that requires a certain degree of durability, and we are not just talking about the mentality of the people who live here. We are talking about the quality of homes and houses in the Denton, Dallas areas. We are roof replacement company in a state that is frequented by tornados and other natural disasters, and it is incumbent upon our local companies to strive to create the best possible products that our fellow Texans can live with and under. While our primary focus is the roof repair and replacement that many of our customers find themselves in need of, we also provide a number of other home-related services. Some of those services are: gutter replacement and repair, attic insulation and skylight installations, just to name a few.

Armor Shield Roofing has made our primary focus the repair of houses that have been damaged by the elements. We know that there are serious storms that tread through Texas and those storms bring fires, tornadoes, and even hail. It’s a little biblical in the extent of devastation that gets wreaked, but Armor Shield Roofing is here to protect you. We will work on you hail damaged roof, the siding that is torn from a tornado, and will do what we can to ensure you house is as storm resistant as possible. Roof replacement and repair goes a long way to creating a safe environment for you and your family and we will always help you with the work you need done on your roof.